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Accounting & Finance Research

Library resources for the study of all aspects of accounting, finance, and banking -- including print and electronic books, databases of journal and newspaper articles, and recommended websites.

Start Here - Search Business Databases

Library databases are collections of articles, reports, or information that are not easily available for free via a Google search. These licensed resources are purchased by the library and university for use by our students, faculty, and staff -- therefore you are required to login with your Rowan credentials. Click the links below to start your research on companies, industries, consumers, and more!

Bloomberg terminals in Bunce Hall

Additional databases, such as Bloomberg (terminals in Trading Room in Business Hall) and Capital IQ (online access by specially assigned username/password only) are available to Rohrer College of Business students for certain courses. Contact your professor for more information on these. POM for Excel, SAP, Stata, and other software applications can be accessed on the Rowan cloud (to access, download the Rowan Citrix client and login with your Rowan credentials). 

Some Tips for Class Assignments in Rohrer College of Business

Remember to always start your search from the Campbell Library home page.

  • For key ratios analysis, try IBIS World, which has “key ratios” tables, plus lots of info on trends for various industries (just search or choose one from the links on the opening screen). Also try ABI/Inform for key ratios by typing “first research” in the top search box, and the industry you want in the second search box.  This provides a list of "first research reports" which shows financial benchmarks and ratios at the end of each of their reports.
  • For comparison of more than a few of the leading companies, you could use the Mergent Online database. to choose your firms first by stock ticker or NAICS code, and then download their financials into an Excel spreadsheet. Revenue, EBITDA, and other financials for public companies is easily available, but private company financial data is not as easy to find. Try the Privco database which may give company contact information where you can inquire further. 
  • When searching for the Beta of a stock, you can start at Yahoo! Finance (which also provides 3-year Beta against standard index for each stock you choose; check under 'key statistics' on left menu). But remember, Betas are closely correlated to S&P, so you may find some wild numbers in random sources online; always double-check a figure that you find against others, and note the dates of these assessments. If you cannot find a Beta from a published source, you will need to calculate/estimate it for yourself using the formula. Check Wikipedia's Beta explanation or search Google for many more good how-to pages and videos.
  • ABI/Inform has a video to describe how to get Economist Intelligence Reports (world commodity forecasts, country finance reports, etc.), which may be useful for class projects in various business disciplines.
  • Try the new Census Business Builder: Regional Edition for demographics of our local area. Choose the 'businesses' tab or the 'consumer spending' tab to see counts of total payroll, employees, and revenue of local businesses in a particular industry, or to find out annual consumer expenditures on financial investments, housing, local transportation, etc. This uses similar data as ReferenceUSA, which can also create heat maps of different demographics or company locations.
  • The popular NOLO Business Start-up book series are in the Small Business Reference Center database.
  • And don't forget to use our ever-growing list of books in the library on how to write a business plan for each year's competitions at Rowan!

Need more library database tutorials?  Use the tips located here (point and click on URL).

Need to cite a business database for your bibliography?  Use the tips located here (choose database name from the menu on left to get the example for each).