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Digital Scholarship Center: Software List

Information about the resources in the Digital Scholarship Center

Software List

The following is a partial list of software available within the Digital Scholarship Center. Most of the software is installed directly on our computers; however, a few of the applications are only offered through the Rowan Cloud, which is a web based system that offers access to a wide variety of applications. The Rowan Cloud is managed by Information Technology Resources.

Thumbnail Program Description Mac Win
Adobe Acrobat Create, edit, and sign PDF documents and forms
Adobe After Effects Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
Adobe Animate Previously called Flash. Design interactive animations with cutting-edge drawing tools and publish them to multiple platforms
Adobe Audition Audio recording, mixing, and restoration
Adobe Character Animator Animate your 2D characters in real time
Adobe Dreamweaver Design and develop modern, responsive websites
Adobe Fuse Create custom 3D characters for Photoshop projects
Adobe Illustrator Vector graphics and Illustration
Adobe InDesign Page design and layout for print and digital publishing
Adobe Lightroom Digital photo processing and editing
Adobe Muse Design and publish websites without writing code
Adobe Photoshop Image editing and compositing
Adobe Premiere Pro Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
Audacity Audio recording and editing. Often used to develop aPodcast.
Blender 3D computer graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, video games and more.
Citrix Receiver (Access to Rowan Cloud) This software provides access to the Rowan Cloud, which is a free Rowan University service that provides access to a wide variety of software. See the following information for the list of available software and for directions on using and installing on your own computer. Learn more about Citrix and Rowan Cloud
Garage Band Apple's audio editing and pod casting software
iMovie Apple's video editing and production software
Keynote Apple's Presentationsoftware
Kurzweil 3000 (Screen Reading software) Reads any digital text out loud. For help using Kurzweil, contact the Disability Resources office. Available in the DSC on one PC.  
Mathematica Used for Mathematicsand Statistical problems and projects
Microsoft Excel Microsoft's spreadsheet software
Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft's presentation software
Microsoft Word Microsoft's word processing software
Numbers Apple's spreadsheet software
Pages Apple's word processing software


Access Software on a Personal Device

Apple macbook imageUsing the Rowan Cloud, you can access over 75 specialized applications on any device.

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile phone

Visit the Rowan Cloud and follow the instructions to download and install Citrix Receiver on your personal device.