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Study Abroad

A Guide to provide information to students interested in the Education and Study Abroad programs at Rowan University



Take on a new level of independence.  Meet new people, make new friends.  Get outside your comfort zone.  Learn a new language.  Expand your horizons, broaden your perspective.  Grow as a person.  Be an ambassador.  Make life-long memories.  Enhance your career. Take your first step to becoming a global citizen.  Change your life.  There are a lot of reasons to participate in a study abroad program. This Guide is provided as a supplement to the Rowan University's Education Abroad. It provides links to the Education Abroad Office and to a selection of sites that may be helpful. 


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Rowan U. Study Abroad


For more information, go directly to the Education Abroad website

Rowan University Education Abroad

At the Education Abroad Office, it is our goal to ensure that students have the opportunity to participate in a program that is academically challenging, professionally relevant and personally engaging. Study abroad inspires and informs students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively become global citizens by engaging local and global communities. We are devoted to providing and developing safe and affordable programs while expanding participation and increasing diversity. All of our programs are carefully designed to transform students through academically challenging, personally engaging and professionally relevant programs.(source: website)

Program Options 

Students can earn Rowan credit by studying abroad through any of the approved partner organizations or partner university programs.

Eligibility, Deadlines, and Application

It's best to apply early! Be sure to give yourself several weeks to complete the application stress-free!

Faculty Led Programs

The Education Abroad Office offers faculty the opportunity to lead a program abroad or teach a course abroad. All current Rowan students are able to participate.

Study Abroad Alumni

One of the best things you can do after your study abroad program is to share your experience with other prospective students at Rowan! Becoming an alumni ambassador gives you the opportunity to intern through your partner organization while living on Rowan's campus.

For more information, go directly to the Education Abroad website

Where to go?


Language and Cullture

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Culture and Etiquette

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