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Religion: Find Books

Provides direction for research in religious studies, history, and philosophy.

Sample of Books in the Catalog

The books listed below are just a sample of the electronic and physical books available in the library.

If, in your searching, you come across a book that is not available at Rowan, search for the book in WorldCat, an online catalog of thousands of libraries. Grab the ISBN from the entry on WorldCat, and then use EZ-Borrow to have the book delivered to Rowan.

If you find a book in the Rowan or WorldCat catalog that you think is appropriate and want to see similar titles look for the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Clicking on these headings will bring up every record in the Catalog that shares that heading and you'll find more books on the subject.

The books listed below are just a sample of the resources Rowan has. Please use the catalog to search for works that are related to your topic.

Finding Physical Books in the Library

Finding books through the Library Catalog can be challenging when you're first starting your research and you don't know the exact subject or keywords to search with. Or if you have found a book or two that are helpful and you want to find similar titles, browsing through the stacks can be very helpful. 

To find out where in the stacks you should look, you need the Library of Congress Classification for your subject. If you click that link you will find a list of the broadest subjects. Click on the link that best describes your topic and you will be given all the sub-classifications in that topic. 

In this case, you will probably pick "B-Philosophy, Psychology, Religion" and it will bring you to a list of the SubClasses. Each of those subclasses is further broken down. Click on which one seems most appropriate and you will be brought to the narrower topics within that subclass. Once you find your topic in that narrower list, look at the numbers and letters listed on the left. This is the range of call numbers in the library the book would have. The first two letters tell you where in Campbell library to look. Letters A-H are located in the stacks on the 3rd floor. Letters H-Z are in the stacks on the fourth floor. All the stacks have signs at the end of them to help you locate the books. Browse through the books that fall within the range of numbers after the letters to find books the library has on that topic. 

For example, if you wanted to see books that dealt with Creation, you see that the classification is BL224-227. So you would then go to the 3rd floor stacks, look for BL and then browse through the books that had call numbers between BL224 and BL227. 

Databases of Ebooks

Books in Campbell Library