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About Researcher Profiles: Welcome

This guide for faculty will explain what a Researcher Profile in RDW is and how to request or create one.


Welcome: Researcher Profiles

Researcher Profiles are a free service of Rowan University Libraries hosted on the Rowan Digital Works Selected Works Author Gallery and Expert Gallery pages.

Full-time and clinical faculty of Rowan University are eligible for a Researcher Profile which highlights your research and publications. Profiles are visible to the world and help promote your research to funders, collaborators, and administrators. Graduate students are not eligible.

We can create your profile using information that you provide by filling out the form below. Allow 2 - 4 days for us to complete the profile and contact you to review it.

If you prefer to create your own profile, please email us at so we can publish it online in the Expert Gallery.



Will all the publications I provide for my Researcher Profile be deposited in Rowan Digital Works?

No, in many cases the publisher holds the copyright to your work and restricts access to subscribers only, so we cannot deposit that work in a site that allows public access. Any publication which is legally designated Open Access will be deposited in Rowan Digital Works.

Publishers sometimes allow preprints to be deposited in an institutional repository. If you kept preprints and would like us to check if they can be deposited, please let us know at the time you request a profile. This research may take additional time. 

Will my CV be visible to the world on my profile?

If you provide a CV, users will be able to view and download it from your profile. Make sure to remove all personal information (home address, personal email, etc.).

How do I update my profile when I publish new work?

Contact us at if you need an immediate profile update. Otherwise, we will review and update existing profiles annually using the platform's web harvesting tool.

Is the Researcher Profile system related to Research With NJ?

No, they are separate systems. Researcher Profiles are part of Rowan Digital Works, Rowan University's institutional repository created by the University Libraries, and Research with NJ is a state program that Rowan University no longer participates in.

What if I want to create my own profile?

Please see the Creating your own profile page of this guide for important things to keep in mind.

Creating your own profile

About Creating Your Own Profile

We (the Rowan Digital Works staff) prefer to create profiles on behalf of faculty to assure consistency of metadata for search and retrieval by the end-user. 

Please consider requesting a profile to be created for you instead of trying to do it yourself.

If for some reason you feel you need to create your own profile, please follow all the instructions below carefully, and let us know (email when you are done so we are aware of your profile.

Creating your own profile

Important Instructions for Faculty Creating Their Own Profiles

1. Use your Rowan University email address to create your Selected Works account at If you prefer to be contacted using a different email address, note this in the introductory text field below your position title on the main page. If you don't know your Rowan email address, or get an error message when trying to create your account, contact for help.

2. In the position title field below your name on the main page, enter your title, department, and organization. The organization is the school or college within Rowan University that you are affiliated with. For example: Assistant Professor, Mathematics; College of Science and Mathematics. Cooper Hospital affiliates should enter Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and SOM affiliates should enter Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. The identical information must be entered/selected on the About page in the Position section - and be sure to check the boxes for "Current Position" and "Affiliate my profile with this Institution."

3. Use the Add Work function (Add a Link or Add Metadata options) to add your publications to your profile. Links to the publisher site for journal articles or conference papers must be to the abstract page, not the full text. Do not use the Upload File option to add works, even if you have a copy, because you may not be legally allowed to share your copy with the world. If your copy is a preprint or has a Creative Commons license, contact us at about depositing the paper in Rowan Digital Works.

4. On the About page, select the appropriate Discipline (academic field) from the list, and enter one or more keywords under Research Interests. This will enable your profile to be properly indexed so that people interested in your research area can find it.

5. When your profile is complete, contact so it can be activated in the Selected Works Author Gallery and Expert Gallery pages to provide greater visibility  of your profile. Also please let us know if you want a Collaborator and/or Mentor badge.