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Newspapers - Historical

Listed are links to licensed content and to some freely available newspapers.



The listed resources include major national and international newspapers, as well as newspaper databases.

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These resources include website links and subscription-based resources available to Rowan University students and employees. Campus visitors can also access these resources as guests in Campbell Library.


Finding a Specific Newspaper or News Article

Newspaper Titles: Most newspaper titles to which the library has access can be located via the Journal Search (within Library Search). When you locate the correct title, check the publication dates and where the item is available.

Specific Newspaper Articles: To locate a specific newspaper article (not the entire publication), try a Newspapers search in Library Search

Beyond the Catalog: For those items that are not listed in Library Search, you may wish first to see if they’re freely available online (e.g., Google search). If they are not, search in WorldCat for other libraries that have the item (do a title search and limit the format to newspapers). You can then request a specific item via interlibrary loan, or you may wish visit the library or archive that houses the materials.

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Alphabetical Listing (A-Z)

Newspapers Listed Alphabetically

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Major Newspapers

Major Historical Newspapers

African American Newspapers

African American Newspapers

Civil War Era Newspapers

Civil War Era Newspapers

Hebrew and Yiddish Language News

Historical Hebrew and Yiddish Language Newspapers

Mexican American

Mexican American Newspapers

Newspapers on Microfilm in the Library

Newspapers on Microfilm, available at Rowan University, Campbell Library


Philadelphia Inquirer 1977-

Pittsburgh Courier 1927-1994

Times of London 1788-1980

General Primary Source Resources

Newspapers in Digital Repositories

Many historical newspapers can be accessed via databases and digital repositories that include primary sources. Here are some large collections worth searching.


Web Resources