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Diversifying Digital Representation: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (October 2023)

Creating Your First Article

Before creating your first Wikipedia article, it is recommended that you first get experience by editing existing articles. Take Wikipedia's introductory tutorial and try editing a few articles.

When you're ready to create your first article, you'll need to have or create a Wikipedia account. Once you're logged in, use the Article Wizard to guide you through the process of creating an article.

Practice creating an article in your personal sandbox first. When you're ready, you can create an article in the draft space. Once you are done writing the article, you can submit it for review. If approved, which can take some time, the article will then appear publicly in Wikipedia.


  • Search Wikipedia to make sure the article you want to create doesn't already exist!
  • Ensure that the page you want to create meets Wikipedia's notability requirements
  • Once you're an experienced user, you will not have to go through the article approval process and can directly publish Wikipedia articles

Identifying Topics for New Articles with “Redlinks”

Redlinks are links on Wikipedia articles to Wikipedia articles that do not exist.

If you want to create a Wikipedia article but you're not sure where to start, try Redlinks. Here are examples of Redlink lists with possible articles to create:

Women in computer science:

Indigenous people of North America

Wikiproject Caribbean

Women in Black History

Another source of redlinks are Wikipedia's Equity Lists. This tool helps you find redlinks categorized by Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Nationality, Gender, and Medical Condition: