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Rowan University Campbell Library 240 Breakout Rooms: Welcome

This is a guide for connecting your device's display to the Breakout Room TV's


Quick Setup


NOTE: Removing, tampering, or disconnecting any technology in the 240 Study Rooms is PROHIBITED. Borrowers, including faculty and staff, are financially responsible for library equipment fees. Borrowers will be billed for the costs of any missing, stolen or damaged equipment.



  1. Connect your device to the HDMI wire available in the room (if there is no HDMI, please let the staff at the Circulation Desk know).

  2. Select Input 1 (via remote) on TV.

  3. If your device does not show on the TV, try to restart the device. Also, make sure your display settings are set to mirrored/duplicate. 

Apple TV:


  1. Select Input 3 (via remote) on TV.

  2. Device:

    Minimum requirements:

  • iOS version 9.0 or higher.

  • OSX version 10.10 or higher.

  1. Connect your device to the RowanSecure wireless network. Please click the follow link for instructions on connecting to Rowan’s wireless network:

  2. Turn on Bluetooth.

  3. Turn Airplay On:


  • Open Display Options within System Preferences

  • Or Search “Airplay”.


  • Open Control Center (by swiping from the up from the bottom of the home screen).

  • Select “AirPlay Mirroring”.

  1. After turning AirPlay Display On, select the room you are located in.

  2. Enter AirPlay Code: You will be prompted to enter the code that appears on the TV.


For more details on AirPlay, go to


Windows/Android (WiDi ScreenBeam)


  1. Select Input 2 (via remote) on TV.

  2. Device:

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor: AMD® A6 or Intel® Gen 3 Core™ i3 equivalent processor.
  • Memory: 2GB RAM or more.
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Operating system and select versions of Android OS.
  1. Connected your device the RowanSecure wireless network. Please click the follow link for instructions on connecting to Rowan’s wireless network:

  2. Lastly, due to the variety of devices for Windows/Android, please click here for display instructions: (this link will auto-detect the OS and provide instructions accordingly).


 *Samsung devices can connect to Samsung TV's via "Screen Mirroring" or "Quick Connect". For this option, select the Screen Mirroring Input.*


If there is an issue with connecting, try restarting the TV and your device.


Please email issues to describing your room #, device, issue, and contact information.


 For booking details, go to