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This guide gives an overview of the LibKey suite of products.

What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension for the Chrome web browser only.

Once you install it, you can use it to download full text articles to which we subscribe, from any publisher website where you find them. 

When the full text PDF is available to you, you will see a LibKey Download PDF icon in the bottom left corner of the page.

If not, you will see a button labeled Access Options which will direct you to our Interlibrary Loan system.

How do I get LibKey Nomad?

The LibKey Nomad extension is available from the Chrome web store at the link below:

There are two easy steps: 1) Click the Add Extension button; 2) Select Rowan University from the institution list.

When you have completed the installation your screen should look like this:


What will an article look like with LibKey Nomad installed?

Screenshot of a journal article on a publisher website with a LibKey Nomad Download PDF button.

Journal article screenshot


Screenshot of LibKey Nomad buttons in PubMed results.