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Search Systems & Algorithmic Bias

Algorithmic Bias across Platforms

Most discussions about algorithmic bias have focused on Google's search engine. But these biases are evident in most search systems to varying degrees. It's important to look out for algorithmic bias no matter what search tool you're using. 

YouTube Algorithms

YouTube is one place where misinformation is abundant. Because YouTube wants you to watch more content, it often queues up videos that will grab your attention, but that may be false. This video discusses how to avoid getting "sucked into" misleading YouTube content.

Video: YouTube Algorithms: How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole (Above the Noise, KQED and PBS)

Bias in Library Search Systems

Most discussions about bias in search systems focuses on more popular search tools like Google. But bias is also reflected in many library search systems and databases as well. In this video a librarian shows how bias is evident in the search results of his library's main search tool (similar to Library Search). This is a good reminder to think critically about the potential biases of search results in any platform.

Video: Search Engine Bias & Library Databases (Librarian Dave)