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Digital Privacy

Resources, best practices, and key concepts related to digital privacy

Digital Privacy: Awareness, Action, and Practice

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This guide challenges the statement, "Privacy is dead." The guide instead is based on the belief that awareness of digital privacy issues is an essential first step to protecting privacy and making more informed choices about the personal information that we share in online environments. The guide offers key concepts and questions for understanding digital privacy, as well as some simple privacy tools. Please keep in mind that privacy tools won't make you immune to digital privacy threats, but combined with privacy awareness they can help you have greater choice in what online information about you that others can access.

Internet and data privacy is a practice; it cannot be achieved by using a single encryption app or privacy product. Privacy practice is informed by critical technology studies and developed through research and engagement. Developing a critical technology lens involves asking questions about who could benefit from your data, how your data could be monetized, and how would you want your data to be shared. The resources included in this guide are meant to demystify some of these questions and inspire further research.

As technologies change rapidly, any links or applications suggested in this guide may become outdated or compromised after publication. Where appropriate, resources have dates of publication listed to date the materials. 

We encourage users to research any application or programs before downloading, using the resources listed as a springboard to developing a critical technology praxis.

Credit: This guide is adapted from Pratt Institute Libraries' Internet and Data Privacy Guide, created by Sydni Meyer.  A credit is included in each section in which that content is reused or modified. Many thanks to them.

General Privacy Guides

These guides give helpful overviews of practical steps and principles for protecting your digital privacy.