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Introduction to Nutrition Professions



  • Seminal, free, database produced by the National Library of Medicine

  • Free NCBI account for saving search strategies and receiving email alerts (optional)

  • No matter where in the world you go, you have access to PubMed (27 million citations)

  • Not everything is full-text available (around 15%), so use the PubMed link from Rowan Campbell Library Database Finder page for access to more full-text articles (Database Finder>>P>>PubMed)

  • PubMed has MeSH built in (unique subject headings)

  • 23,000 MeSH, updated yearly

  • MeSH is designed to search for synonyms on a topic for you (adolescent: will search for teen, teenager, youth)

  • Learn more about MeSH:

How to access MeSH database: 



Sample search: Coconut oil and heart health

Use MeSH to help you with terminology. 


No MeSH term for “cardiovascular health” specifically, but you can search cardiology[mesh] or cardiovascular system[mesh]

Sample search: ("Coconut Oil"[Mesh]) AND ( "Cardiovascular System"[Mesh] OR "Cardiology"[Mesh])

Or can try the following: 

  • ("Coconut Oil"[Mesh]) AND (cardio*[ti] OR heart[ti])
  • [ti] searches in title 
  • [tiab] searches in title OR abstract


Scroll down to view additional filters: 


Getting access to Full-Text articles look for Download buttons or use interlibrary loan to order the article for free (2 business days to receive PDF of article). 



Additional PubMed resources: 

PubMed Tutorials:

Getting access to Full-Text articles, click on the Get It Rowan button.


To save citations to your RefWorks account use the Save to RefWorks button


For complete list of search tags 

Exporting PubMed citations into RefWorks 

Video on how to export citations from PubMed into RefWorks 


Additional PubMed resources: 

PubMed Tutorials