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RU Reading Together: Garbology: Academic Resources

What is Garbology?

Garbology is a work of journalism based interviews, statistics, and articles.  It is considered a popular source.  Popular sources are often found in newspapers and magazines.  Always read critically and look for the sources the author sites.

You can also do your own research and look for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles in our library databases.  Scholarlypeer-reviewed articles come from academic journals.  They are written by professionals and focus on a variety of topics to cover all subject areas.

Use some of the resources listed to the right to find academic library resources for research. 

Library Databases

This is a selection of the Library's many databases you can use to find information on sustainability and other Garbology-related topics.

Library E-Resources

You can these library databases and tools to find additional information on any subject discussed in Garbology.  These resources are a great way to gather background information and statistics.