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Financial Literacy

Helpful tools for managing your dollars and cents.

Saving and Investing

This site is maintained by the Security and Exchange Commission and features information for beginning investors.

No Frills Money Skills

Videos from the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis explain compound interest, stocks, and bonds.

Loans and Interest

Cards, Cars, and Currency

Cards, Cars and Currency is a set of personal finance programs that encourages participants to learn about three areas of personal finance: credit cards, debit cards and purchasing a car.

This organization provides information for paying off debt.

Credit Card Insider

This independent site provides information about different types of cards, credit scores, and managing credit.

FDIC: Credit Cards for Students

Key tips for managing a credit card.


Build A Budget Worksheet

Hosted by Frugal Living.  Determine if your living expenses are compatible with your income.


A real life guide to managing money.