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Presidential Elections in U.S. History: Introduction


Every four years, United States citizens have the opportunity to participate directly in the election of the country's President and, in each election season, one winner is given the honor of serving his or her country in its highest office. Achieving this exalted status requires an army of committed players and the American election campaigns are like no other on Earth. In recent years, it seems that these campaigns have almost become never ending cycles featuring a full frontal assault of media presence by numerous contenders addressing the issues of the day and vying for the coveted spot on the next election ticket.  This guide provides a starting point for those engaged in the study of American Presidential elections.  


Databases and E-Resources


LOC & NARA Websites

Selected Websites from the Library of Congress (LOC) and the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

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Selected Websites

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