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Information Literacy Across Ages: Developing tools to grow with students through their entire educational career: Background Information

This guide is a supplement to the 2019 ALA poster with the same title

Connecting the Frameworks

As librarians we were looking to make connection from what students learn about research in primary and secondary education to post-secondary education.  This is an effort to make connections and create a learning object that is recognizable and that can grow with the student through their education career.  

AASL Standards Framework

1. Think

2. Create

3. Share

4. Grow


ACRL Framework for Information Literacy

1. Authority Is Constructed and Contextual

2. Information Creation as a Process

3. Information Has Value

4. Research as Inquiry

5. Scholarship as Conversation

6. Searching as Strategic Exploration


Combing the two:

Think  -----> F4&F1

Create -----> F1&F5

Share -----> F2&F3

Grow -----> F6&F2