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Cannabis as a business

Various types of resources related to cannabis as a business



cannabis plant This is a guide for researching the business aspects of the cannabis industry within the resources of Rowan University Libraries.

This research guide is set up to help you locate resources about creating, managing and all aspects of a cannabis business.

If you would like to suggest a resource, please contact Campbell Library.

Image credit: "Marihuana Cannabis sativa" by is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Books available from the Campbell Library

The Rowan University Libraries provide access to new books frequently. To search for them, go to the Campbell Library home page and use the "Library Search" box there.

Type keywords such as...
cannabis business
...and then use the filters on the left to choose a "Resource Type" of books.
Remember, different titles will appear in your results list when using different keywords, so try other keyword variations also, such as:
marijuana business
cannaibis profit
CBD sales
cannabinoid research

The left side of the results screen will contain filters which will let you sort  this list of library materials by their "Resource Type" (check the box to the left of the word "books" or click "show more" if needed). You may use multiple filters on any results list, so also try to sort by "Date-newest" or "Subject" as you wish.

Here are a few examples of electronic books which the library provides in full text:

Databases, Journals, News, and More

Library Databases for Journals, Magazines, News Sources and Reports

Library databases contain journal articles, magazines, newspapers, data dashboards, and many other types of information to which we subscribe. You may use the "Library Search" box on the Campbell Library home page to search for the same topics above, such as...

cannabis business

... or any other combination of keywords you wish, and then use the filters on the left to narrow your results list to articles, newspapers, or other kinds of sources offered. These filter menus are contextual (so they will change depending on the different keywords you choose) and you may need to "reset filters" to start a fresh search as needed.

Remember, all of the content in our subscription databases are not necessarily accessible through the "Library Search" box, especially the specialized resources within many of the business databases. Therefore, you must go to each library database separately in order to use the search box for each one, since they all work a bit differently.

Here are some library databases and other resources you may want to check on this topic:


Of course, there are many more resources of the Rowan University Libraries than we can list here, so all of the strategies on this page will help you uncover more. If a journal or magazine or newspaper is provided by multiple databases, be sure to choose the link which indicates an ongoing date range of holdings. For example, several databases have the newest articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, but you would choose a database that says the full text is "Available from 01/0/1983" instead of "Available from 12/12/1969 until 07/15/2001" for this purpose. For additional help in in using any of these library databases, please contact a librarian for further assistance.

Search specific keywords in these journals (or find other journal names using Journal Finder from library homepage)

Search keywords in trade and news magazines (or find other publication titles using Journal Finder from library homepage)

Check regional New Jersey business news in these newspapers (or search in newspapers around the country or world - more detailed info in the Newspapers Research Guide)

Browse the websites of local television news and radio news channels (e.g.,, WHYY)

And for news from the broader region, you can search all the usual major news sources like newspapers (e.g., the Wall Street Journal), magazines (e.g., Bloomberg BusinessWeek), or newswires (e.g. Reuters or Associated Press). Most of this content can be found full-text in library databases, but remember, many of these places have different content in their official daily publications versus the content on their websites and blogs, so consult both for a comprehensive search.

Additional articles and web sites of interest: