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Disabilities Resources in Rowan University Libraries: Welcome

This guide features a sample of our thousands of Rowan University libraries books on disabilities topics.


Search Tips & Subject Headings

When searching in the Rowan University library catalog for books, type this truncated search term in the 'keyword' field:


which will include the widest possible number of our 4,000 books which use variations of this term.

If you are looking for journal articles in databases, the search term would be (asterisk instead of question mark as word truncation symbol):


To get a more focused result list, type these terms in the 'subject (keyword)' field:

  • Disabilities
  • People with disabilities 
  • [profession or identity group] with disabilities (for example, Athletes with disabilities, Students with disabilities)
  • Disability awareness
  • Disability studies
  • Disabled veterans
  • Discrimination against people with disabilities
  • [type of] disability (for example, Developmental disabilities, Learning disabilities)
  • [type of] disorder (for example, Movement disorders, Perceptual disorders)
  • [name of the condition itself] (for example, Deafness, Asperger syndrome)

More detailed information on subject headings for searching from the National Library Service.