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Google Scholar

A guide for using Google Scholar.

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Google Scholar


Welcome to our LibGuide about Google Scholar! This guide will explain the basics of Google Scholar and teach you how to link to Rowan University subscription content.

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a search engine for finding scholarly literature in many disciplines. When you search you can:

  • Explore or keep track of an area of research.
  • Get full text of freely available scholarly literature.
  • See how many times an article has been cited (even your own publications).
  • Get full text of resources that Rowan University provides access to by using the customized library url or by setting your preferences.


Custom Library Link to Google Scholar


Use the following link to access Google Scholar now- it will automatically authenticate you as being affiliated with Rowan University:

Setting your preferences in Google Scholar


Before searching Google Scholar, you can set your preferences in the settings menu. Once you have, you will be able to link to Rowan University resources retrieved in your searches and even link to your preferred citation manager, such as Refworks or EndNote.


How to set Google Scholar preferences:


  1. Click Settings on the upper left corner of the Google Scholar webpage.                                    Click settings in the upper left corner.                                                                

  2. Click Search results and select your search preferences, including your preferred citation manager, then save.

    Click search results and select your search preferences, including your preferred citation manager, then save.

  3. Click Library links and search for “rowan” in the search bar.

    Click Library Links and search for Rowan in the search bar.

  4.   Check the Rowan University box, then click save.

  5.   Now when you search, Full-Text@RowanUniversity will appear in your search results. 

    Now when you search, full-text@RowanUniversity will appear in your results.

For More Information

Here is a link to Google's page describing Google Scholar and its features: