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Inclusive & Anti-Racist Pedagogies: Selected Resources

Resources for inclusive and anti-racist pedagogies

Inclusive and Anti-Racist Pedagogies: Selected Resources

Purpose: The number of resources available on inclusive and anti-racist pedagogies can be overwhelming. This library resource guide is a starting point for anyone teaching at the college level who would like to learn more about inclusive and anti-racist pedagogies. Please view the navigation menu for a list of the resource types included in this guide. 

Scope: The selected resources focus mainly on practical teaching strategies, but they are also informed by research and theory. The resources are also interdisciplinary. You may wish to explore additional resources on inclusive teaching that are specific to your discipline.

The featured e-books are from Rowan University's Libraries collection and require a Rowan user login. All other resources are freely available online.


These e-books are available through Rowan University Libraries. Hover over a book title to see the description. Click on the title to access the book through the library.

Online Journals

The following journals focus on inclusive and critical pedagogies in practice.

Teaching Center Web Resources

The following websites provide suggestions and further resources on incorporating inclusive and anti-racist pedagogy in the classroom.


Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-SA
This guide was created by Andrea Baer and Bret McCandless at Rowan University and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC-SA).