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Marketing: Search Free Data: Introduction

Includes some of the free websites which contain data and information useful to business entrepreneurs, owners and managers.


Marketing simply described is an activity within the business or not-for-profit segments related to the promotion of brands, products services, or corporate identity. Market research and advertising are tools used to maximize success in this effort.

Direct Marketing is defined as the business of selling products or services directly to the public, e.g., by mail order or telephone selling, rather than through retailers. This is achieved using direct mail, telemarketing, infomercials, and similar methods.  

Target marketing considers the potential market, then breaks it into segments. By aiming at specific components of a larger market company funds, time, and effort can be more effectively targeted. Lately, new terms are being added to the mix, such as behavioral marketing.

No matter the definition or method, the success of any marketing campaign will be informed by, and its success will be dependent upon data. This guide will offer a starting point and will provide suggestions for finding relevant data and related information.