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Music Therapy

This guide is intended to help get you started with research in music therapy

Why Articles?

Most new research in music therapy is published in peer-reviewed journals. Peer-review is a process where articles are vetted by experts in the field, so they generally carry more academic weight.

Note that many studies are available that are described as "music listening" or "music-based interventions". These involve musical activities that are implemented by health care professionals, family caregivers, or the patients themselves. While potentially valuable, these practices do not meet the AMTA or CBMT definitions of music therapy. When searching for resources evaluate the studies being presented by asking some questions:

  • Is a music therapist actively involved in the study?
  • Who is implementing the interventions?
  • What journal is this study or article published in?

(Adapted from the Duquesne University LibGuide for Music Therapy)

Databases and Indexes for Scholarly Articles

Databases often contain full-text access to scholarly content, while indexes point to the existence of scholarly content and may not provide full-text access. 

If you don't see a Full Text link below the article citation, look for a button labeled "Get it!" This application will check for access to the full text of the article within the library's subscriptions.

If a message is displayed indicating that we don't have access, choose the Campbell Library Interlibrary Loan Request link to order the article through our Illiad online system.