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Campbell Library Recording Booth

A new space for students to record themselves in a well-lit, professional, quiet environment.

Please Note: All users must have a Kaltura account and request that it be ugraded before reserving a room. 

Please follow the steps below before booking your reservation.
You only need to do steps 1 and 2 once - the first time you make a reservation. Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 you can jump direclty to step three on all subsequent reservations. 

  1. Log into Kaltura (this will create your account) 
  2. Request IRT upgrade your Kaltura account (this will allow you to save files to Kaltura) 
  3. Reserve the recording booth

Welcome to the Campbell Library Recording Booth! 

The new Recording Booth is space to record yourself or a small group, either video (class presentations, job talk) or audio-only (podcast, oral history). It includes a camera, microphone, and professional lights. It is available to book in 2-hour increments, up to 4-hours a day max, available to all Rowan students, faculty, and staff.

Housekeeping Items

Come to the Campbell Library front desk to access the booth for the time you have booked.

Please note that there is to be no food or drink inside the booth and that the individual who made the reservation must be present the entire time. Please return the key to the front desk once the session has ended.

The Campbell Library Recording Booth is a space meant for recording only. It should not be reserved as an editing or mixing space, but you can take your recorded file with you to edit from your own computer or other machines in the library.

Using the Lights, Camera, and Microphone

The light switch for the headlamps in the Booth is located inside the room, outside the curtain on the tan wall. It is labeled R2S-2-15. It is best to use these and leave off the regular overhead fluorescent lights, to avoid any audio hum on your recording. Please turn off the lamps once the session is finished. Thank you!

The camera is located above the monitors and is fixed in its location. It is controlled by the remote on the podium. Test the arrow keys to see if the camera is ready. If the camera is not working, turn it on/off. Once turned on, the camera will rotate to front-face and may take 20-30 seconds until it reacts to the remote.

The arrow keys on the remote rotate the camera, the zoom function on the remote is active, and the there are four colored 'auto-follow' buttons for recordings with movement.

Additionally, the mouse, keyboard, table, and podium are all moveable for ease of use within the Booth. There is tape on the floor meant to assist with centering yourself and furniture in front of the camera.

The microphone is located above the center headlamp. It does not move but picks up sound from anywhere within the curtained space. If no audio is desired, be sure to select "Audio Settings" and choose no audio when preparing to record. Alternatively, you can also choose no video, if you just want to record audio for a podcast or oral history.

Recording a Video

When the Kiosk home screen appears, click the "Begin" button to open a web browser. If simply recording a video, choose "Launch Recorder". Log in with your Rowan credentials to navigate to the Kaltura Mediaspace page.

Once on the Kaltura Mediaspace/Recording Booth page, you can select Add/New to upload or record media or connect a URL. You may click on your name to view your media collection or channels. Select "Launch Recorder". You must click "Allow" before the microphone and camera can connect. 

***If you are in the Kaltura Mediaspace and note on this page, you can still begin a video by selecting "Add New" from the top of the page and choosing the "Express Capture" option.

Click the red button to begin recording. When you are finished recording, click it again. You may then decide to re-record, or select the "Use this" button to upload the recording directly to your Kaltura media collection. Do not select the "Download a Copy" button, as this kiosk cannot store your files. "Use this" will save the file to the "My Media" collection.

That's it! You have successfully recorded a file. Do not forget to log out--this can be done by clicking your name in the top right corner and then selecting "Log Out". For assistance regarding further Kaltura uses, please see the About tab for more help.

Recording Over Google Slides or PowerPoint

There is the option to record yourself over a slide presentation. Select either the "Open Google Slides" or "Open PowerPoint" button from the Kiosk home page or the Kaltura Mediaspace screen shown below. There is no USB/hardware plug-in available in the Booth, so the document must be accessible through these platforms.

After clicking one of these buttons, select what document to use--it will open in a separate tab. Go back to the Kaltura Mediaspace tab, click "Launch Recorder", and then choose the "Screenshare Settings" button. Click the slider to indicate that Screenshare is desired. This will enable you to choose a screen to record over.

You will see the live recording in the small box in the corner, and your slides in the larger portion of the screen. However, you may change the view after finishing recording. Kaltura will capture both the slides and the live recording separately, allowing alteration to the layout afterwards. 

Use the red button to begin recording, and use the red stop button once the recording is finished.

From there, you will again have the option to re-record or save the recording.

Once saved, all video recordings will be accessible through the "My Media" selection, which you can get to by clicking on your name in the top right corner, and selecting "My Media".

That's it! You have successfully recorded a file. Do not forget to log out--this can be done by clicking your name in the top right corner and then selecting "Log Out". For assistance regarding further Kaltura uses, please see the About tab for more help.

Need Help?

Please contact or come by the Campbell Library front desk for any questions or concerns.