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Microfilm Machine User Guide (ScanPro 2000 with Auto Scan)

Basic instructions on using the microfilm/microfiche machine in Campbell Library

ScanPro 2000 Microfilm Machine

If you need to view or scan microfilm or microfiche, use the ScanPro 2000 machine (Campbell Library, 2nd floor - from the top of the main staircase or from the elevator, go to the second alcove on the right). Our current version of ScanProf 2000 includes an autoscan feature, which allows you to scan and save as a PDF multiple pages of microfilm.

This guide outlines the main features and functions of ScanPro 2000. There is also a simple handout posted next to the machine. If you would like more help, you may contact a librarian in the building or email Andrea Baer (

Getting Started

Important: Please do NOT load the machine manually. Instead follow these instructions.

  1. Usually the ScanPro 2000 is already turned on. If on, the green light at the top of the machine will be lit. If it is not on, switch the power button at the back of the machine.
  2. Using your Rowan username and password, log into the computer next to the ScanPro 2000.
  3. Open the PowerScan 2000 program by clicking on the PowerScan 2000 icon, located on the desktop.
  4. After you open the program, you are prompted to select a format. Click on the relevant format. The machine loading area will then open. Follow the loading instructions that appear on the computer screen. Then click the "Load" button.

    Screenshot of ScanPro2000 Selection Wizard
  5. In order to get the film properly centered, you may need to adjust the position of the film by gently moving the loading tray forward or backward.

Scrolling through Film

After loading microfilm, you can navigate backward or forward in several ways:

  • Click the backward or forward button at the top of the menu (just to the right of the "Load" button). If using microfilm, you will probably need to scroll forward a little before you see the first image on the reel.
  • On the "Home" tab click the Previous Next button in order to scroll automatically to the previous or the next page.
  • For small adjustments, gently move the reel forward or backward manually.

Screenshot of Home menu, with forward and backward navigation buttons highlighted

Adjusting Images

The Adjust menu allows you to modify an image before you save it. This Adjust features include: Manual and Auto Straighten, Auto-Crop, Brightness, Auto-Adjust, Zoom, and Focus.

Auto-Crop is especially helpful for getting the image you want. After you select Auto-Crop, the machine will automatically crop the image. You may then want to adjust the image (for example, drag on the corners or sizes of the cropping box or straighten the image). 

Screenshot of ScanPro2000 Adjust menu

Scanning and Saving Images

  • Once you have adjusted the image to your liking and are ready to scan and save it as a PDF, click "Scan to Drive #1." This will save a PDF of the scanned image to your local drive. To save files to a different location, select the Export option.
  • To scan multiple consecutive pages, click "AUTO-Scan Pro."
    • The Auto-Scan Pro dialogue box will open. If desired, you can change settings like the file location and file type.
    • Click Scan when you are ready to begin scanning multiple pages automatically, and Stop when to end the scan. Alternatively, you can indicate in the dialogue box how many pages to scan.

Screenshot of Output menu, with features "Scan to Drive #1," "Export," and "AUTO-Scan Pro" highlighted

Ejecting Film and Finishing

  • Rewind the film by clicking and holding the backward button at the very top of the menu, until all of the film is rewound.
  • Close the ScanPro program.
  • Sign out of the computer.