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Shakespeare: Guide Info.

A starting point for Shakespearean studies

About this Libguide

This site was developed, and is maintained by Bruce Whitham. It is posted on the Rowan University Libraries' Library Guides site to provide a starting point for the study of Shakespeare and his works.  

Rowan Library LibGuides are hosted on the Springshare LibGuides Portal, to which Rowan University Libraries subscribes.  Please send comments, suggestions, corrections to Bruce Whitham via email.

Rowan University makes no claim to freely available websites nor does it accept responsibility for the information or opinions expressed by those who have created or authored the content or by those who are quoted on the sites.

The use of this guide infers acceptance of the Terms of Use, spelled out on the Rowan University Libraries site. A link to the Terms of Use is provided. If you do not agree to abide by these terms you are required to leave the site.  


The image seen on the Welcome page od theis guie is an engraving by Martn droeshout, and was printed in 1623 by Isaac Iagaard and Ed. Blount. 

Links to the text of Shakesphere's play may be available on many Shakespeare sites linked from this page.  However,  I have specifically created links to the Digital Texts available on the Folger Digital Texts website, part of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Please take a moment to read the Terms of Use, available on the Folger website.

I have also linked directly to performances of several Shakespeare films  and shorts discussing the comedies and several tragedies. The are available through the efforts and generosity of Great Performances and Shakespeare Uncovered. This page is copyrighted 2014 by WNET, all rights reserved. Please see the PBS Terms of Use.

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