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Britain and Its Empire

Resources on the history of the British empire

Historical Newspapers

The Sunday Times Digital Archive 1822-2006

Since 1822, The Sunday Times, of London, has provided thoughtful analysis and commentary on the week's news and society at large. Murder, theatre, sports and politics - all collide in its pages in an abundance of glorious narrative detail. In more than 800,000 pages, The Sunday Times Digital Archive is a gateway to the greatest crimes, careers and culture of the last 180 years.

The Times Digital Archive, 1785-2010

The Times Digital Archive spans over 220 years, from 1785 through 2010, and includes 1 million pages and 7 million articles.  Search the complete digital edition of The Times (London) using keyword searching and hit-term highlighting to retrieve full facsimile images of either a specific article or a complete page. The entire newspaper is captured, with all articles, advertisements and illustrations/photos divided into categories to facilitate searching. View contemporaneous coverage of the world's historical events from the French Revolution to the Iraq War.