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Music: Instructions for Printed Recital Programs

Instructions for music students to use in formatting their recital programs, including a guide to researching the program content.


This guide is intended as a resource to assist students in the preparation and submission of appropriate information for recital programs.

Use this guide to create the printed program for your recital. The pages that follow will provide you with the recital program template to be used, along with a style guide for your content, and some sources to research information about composer names and work titles.

When compiling the written information, it is important to keep in mind that an accurate and appropriately detailed program enhances the listening experience for the audience. The program provides the listener not only with the name of the work and the composer, but also other important points of reference, including information that places a work in its particular time period and within a composer’s own body of works. The program also provides documentation of your work, something that will prove valuable in future endeavors such as graduate school applications or other auditions.


Creating the Program     Here you will find templates in the form of MS Word tables along with information on how to reformat them to suit your program.

Performer/Faculty Information   How to present the names of performers as well as that of your professor.

Composer Information      The proper way to format the names and dates of composers in your program.

Title Information for Instrumentalists      Guidance on how to completely and accuarately format titles of compositions to be performed for instrumental recitals.

Title Information for Vocalists      Guidance on how to completely and accuarately format titles of compositions to be performed for instrumental recitals.

Program notes/Translations        Instructions for writing program notes with text translations for program inserts for vocal recitals.

Research      Sources and advice on finding authoritative information for the composer and title citations in your program.


Timeline of Recital Approval

 1.  Create your program using either the vocal or instrumental recital program template found in the guide under the Creating the Program tab. Download the template and type over the sample information. Add, delete, or split cells and lines as needed to customize your program.        

2.   Bring a draft program to your recital jury.
            a.       This should include the titles and composers of your pieces.
            b.       Confirm with your professor how he or she wants their name to appear in the program.

e.g., Mr. Doe is a student of Professor Bryan Appleby-Weinberg.

3.   After your recital jury, your applied professor must see and approve your concert program; however, before it is approved by your applied professor, you have the option of sending an electronic copy of the program to the Performing Arts Librarian for formal editing. The Performing Arts Librarian will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the formatting and citations for the program. If you elect to use this excellent service (or if your applied professor requires it), the program should be sent no later than one week after the recital jury to ensure the program can be properly formatted and printed on time.

4.   After the meeting with the Performing Arts Librarian, you will receive a printed copy of the corrected program for you submit to Kathy O’Leary with timings added, and an electronic copy of the program will be submitted to the Music Department for printing. The programs will be available on the day of the recital.