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Faculty Teaching & Research Services

Campbell Library partners with faculty and instructors across the Glassboro campus to support teaching and research.

Subject Librarians

Accounting/Finance Michelle Kowalsky  856-256-4972 kowalsky@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Africana Studies Phyllis Meredith  856-256-4974 meredith@rowan.eduResearch Guides
American Studies Samantha Kennedy  856-256-4642 kennedysd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Art Faye Robinson  856-256-4966 robinson@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Asian Studies Shan (Sharon) An  856-256-4968 an@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Biological Sciences Dan Kipnis  856-256-4474 kipnisd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Chemistry & Biochemistry Dan Kipnis  856-256-4474 kipnisd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Communication Shilpa Rele  856-256-4970 rele@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Computer Science Jonathan Jiras  856-256-4969 jiras@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Economics Shan (Sharon) An  856-256-4968 an@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Education Ashley Lierman  856-256 4979
Engineering (Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) Denise Brush  856-256-4977 brush@rowan.eduResearch Guides
English Phyllis Meredith  856-256-4974 meredith@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Environmental Science Denise Brush  856-256-4977 brush@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Exploratory Studies Samantha Kennedy  856-256-4642 kennedysd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Foreign Languages & Literature Shan (Sharon) An  856-256-4968 an@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Geography Denise Brush  856-256-4977 brush@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Geology Denise Brush  856-256-4977 brush@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Health & Exercise Science Samantha Kennedy  856-256-4642 kennedysd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Health & Exercise Science Dan Kipnis  856-256-4474 kipnisd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
History Samantha Kennedy  856-256-4642 kennedysd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Honors Program Deborah Gaspar  856-256-4963 gaspar@rowan.eduResearch Guides
International Studies Shan (Sharon) An  856-256-4968 an@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Journalism Faye Robinson  856-256-4966 robinson@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Law & Justice Studies Phyllis Meredith  856-256-4974 meredith@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Linguistics Shan (Sharon) An  856-256-4968 an@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Management/Entrepreneurship Michelle Kowalsky  856-256-4972 kowalsky@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Marketing/MIS Michelle Kowalsky  856-256-4972 kowalsky@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Mathematics Dan Kipnis  856-256-4474 kipnisd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Molecular & Cellular Biosciences Dan Kipnis  856-256-4474 kipnisd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Music Deborah Gaspar  856-256-4963 gaspar@rowan.eduResearch Guides
New Media Faye Robinson  856-256-4966 robinson@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Nursing Samantha Kennedy  856-256-4642 kennedysd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Pharmaceutical Sciences Dan Kipnis  856-256-4474 kipnisd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Philosophy & Religion Jonathan Jiras  856-256-4969 jiras@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Physics & Astronomy Denise Brush  856-256-4977 brush@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Political Science Shan (Sharon) An  856-256-4968 an@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Psychology Phyllis Meredith  856-256-4974 meredith@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Psychology Samantha Kennedy  856-256-4642 kennedysd@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Public Relations & Advertising Faye Robinson  856-256-4966 robinson@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Radio, TV, and Film Deborah Gaspar  856-256-4963 gaspar@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Sociology & Anthropology Phyllis Meredith  856-256-4974 meredith@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Theater & Dance Deborah Gaspar  856-256-4963 gaspar@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Women's and Gender Studies Deborah Gaspar  856-256-4963 gaspar@rowan.eduResearch Guides
Writing Arts Samantha Kennedy  856-256-4642 kennedysd@rowan.eduResearch Guides

Suggesting Library Purchases

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