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Library Guide to Advertising and Public Relations


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This library guide is designed as a starting point for students and others interested in the fields of Advertising and Public Relations. it is not intended to be comprehensive in nature but does offer tips on searching for books and articles, and includes a list of websites relevant to the subject areas.  Other library guides --marketing or general business guides, for example-- may also helpful as you do your research. All library guides can be found by following the Research Guides link on the library's website.

Books and Journals (various formats)

Library Catalogs and Search Engines

Library Search at Rowan University Libraries

Narrow to books using filters on the left side of the results screen.

Ebook Central eBook Collection

Alternative Name(s) & Keywords: Ebrary Academic Complete

A multidisciplinary collection of scholarly books. It offers a strong collection of academic titles from leading scholarly publishers. Users can copy, cut, paste, print and download content. Highlighting, note taking and linking are available features. Ebook Central s is a subscribe collection. It is not a permanent acquisition of e-books and is subject to change.


The World's largest library catalog. See everything available on your subject.

Open Library

Access the combined titles from Internet Archive and Open Library, more than a million free titles. Also, set up an account and sign in with your NJ Library card for borrowing privileges to 200,000 modern titles. 

Library of Congress Classification for PR and Advertising

The Library of Congress Classification system is used by most academic libraries in the country, including Rowan's, to organize materials into 21 major categories of knowledge.  Listed here are the class ranges and class range descriptors for subjects relevant to Public Relations and Advertising; relevant materials can be found within the stated class ranges of the library's collection.

HD 59 - 59.6  - Public relations. Industrial publicity

           HF 5410 - 5417.5  - Marketing. Distribution of products

 HF 5801 - 6182  - Advertising


Journals by Title

To search for articles by subject or keyword, click the Databases tab on the Library website and select the desired database to use for your article search.  

To search for Electronic Journals by Title, click the E-Journals Finder link under the Search Tools header on the Library website.


Rowan University Libraries subscribes to BrowZine, an application compatible with all IOS and Android mobile devices that allows Rowan University researchers to browse the pages of complete issues of journals, as they would on an e-reader with a book. BrowZine is a more graphical presentation of journals. It is not comprehensive but focuses on the most popular journals. 

Databases A-Z

Databases to Help You Find Articles on Public Relations & Advertising Topics

Databases are collections of many articles based on a topic or theme, either on a certain publisher's journal titles or just on a wide variety of useful subjects.   Search for articles using any of the database links below.   Remember to use the library's main page for the "e-Journals" tab if you find an article you like, but it does not appear in full-text.

Databases by Topic

Search for Articles

Company and Industry Information

Data Sources

Selected Web Sites


AD Council

Their stated Mission: "The Ad Council produces, distributes and promotes campaigns that improve everyday lives. Our memorable work inspires ongoing dialogue, engagement and action around significant public issues, creating a memorable difference in society." (source: website) 

Arthur W. Page Society

"The Arthur W. Page Society is a professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives who seek to enrich and strengthen their profession." (source: website)

Canadian Public Relations Society

"The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) is an organization of men and women who practice public relations in Canada and abroad. Members work to maintain the highest standards and to share a uniquely Canadian experience in public relations." (source: website)

Global Alliance

"The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management is the confederation of the world's major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners and academics around the world." (source: website)

Institute For Public Relations

"The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to research in, on and for public relations. We investigate the science beneath the art of public relations™. We focus on research that matters to the practice, providing timely insights and applied intelligence that professionals can put to immediate use." (source: website)

International Association Of Business Communicators (IABC)

"The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a global network of communication professionals committed to improving organizational effectiveness through strategic communication. Established in 1970, IABC serves members in more than 70 countries for networking, career development and personal growth." (source: website)

International Public Relations Association (IPRA)

IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, is the leading global network for Public Relations professionals. Membership is individual not corporate. It aims to further the development of open communication and the ethical practice of public relations. IPRA fulfils this aim through networking opportunities, its code of conduct and intellectual leadership of the profession.

One Club

The One Club exists to champion and promote excellence in advertising and design in all its forms. It is the world's foremost non-profit organization devoted to elevating creative work in the industry. It seeks to celebrate the legacy of creative advertising and to use that legacy to inspire future generations. The One Club is the 'keeper of the flame' for advertising creatives. 

PR Watch, from the Center for Media and Democracy

The Center for Media and Democracy is a national watchdog group that conducts in-depth investigations into corruption and the undue influence of corporations on media and democracy. 

Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA)

"The PRCA promotes all aspects of public relations and communications work, helping teams and individuals maximise the value they deliver to clients and organisations. The Association exists to raise standards in PR and communications, providing members with industry data, facilitating the sharing of communications best practice and creating networking opportunities." (source: website)

Public Relations Institute Of New Zealand (PRINZ)

PRINZ represents the public relations and communication management profession in New Zealand. PRINZ members make up a professional network of dynamic and vibrant public relations and communication management practitioners. Members are part of a growing, professionally focused membership organization dedicated to best practice communications.

Public Relations Society of America

Chartered in 1947, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the world’s largest and foremost organization of public relations professionals with more than 22,000 public relations and communications professionals, in addition to more than 10,000 university and college students through the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

Advertising Archives



Over 7,000 U.S. and Canadian advertisements covering five product categories - Beauty and Hygiene, Radio, Television, Transportation, and World War II propaganda - dated between 1911 and 1955. A digital collection maintained at Duke University Libraries.

History of Advertising Trust

The History of Advertising Trust is an archive in the UK, which has grown through cooperation of its members and houses its collections in over 8000 square feet of dedicated space, embracing high density mobile shelving for more efficient storage. (source: website). 

The National Museum of American History

Search for artifacts and archival records in the collections of the National Museum of American History or browse the collection by subject and object groups. 

Museum Of Public Relations and Library

The museum resides at Baruch College’s Newman Library Archives and Special Collections, where it is open to the public by appointment for tours, guest lectures, and research. The museum also has a strong educational presence online.

Award Sites


Clio Awards

"The Clios is the esteemed international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in advertising, the Clios annually and throughout the year recognize the work, the agencies and the talent that push boundaries and establish new precedent." (source: website)

D&AD Awards

"D&AD celebrates and nurtures outstanding work in the design and advertising industry each year with its international creative awards. A D&AD Pencil is recognized the world over as a shining symbol of the very highest creative achievement." (source: website)

Visual Media


Clipland: short form media

Clipland is the place to go to view music videos, short films, TV commercials, movie trailers.

TV News Archive

Launched in September 2012 by the Internet Archive, this research library service is intended to enhance the capabilities of journalists, scholars, teachers, librarians, civic organizations and other engaged citizens. Available at no charge, the public can use the index of searchable text and short streamed clips to explore TV news, discover important resources, understand context, evaluate assertions of fact, engage with others and share insights.

Data and Statistical Reporting Sites

PR News Sites


O'Dwyer's : Inside NEWS of PR and Marketing Communications

News for and about PR

Online PR

They say: "Use our hub pages as a reference to get up-to-speed on all the main digital marketing techniques. They will help you quickly understand how to make the most of the technique through definitions and recommendations on our member resources and blog articles covering strategy, best practices, and the latest statistics." 

Ragan's PR Daily

"For more than three decades, Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc., has been the leading publisher of corporate communications, public relations, and leadership development newsletters. Ever since the launch of The Ragan Report in 1970, Ragan has provided the professional communicator and executives with timely, practical, and relevant information that few others can match. The Ragan brand now includes over 16 targeted newsletters in the areas of employee communication, organizational writing and editing, sales and marketing, media relations and motivational management." (source: website)

Related LibGuides

Related Library Guides

Terms, Contact & Guide Info

Terms, Contact & Guide Info

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