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Starting Research in Comp I & II: Internet Sources

Useful Websites

AllSides is a website that helps you understand news media bias.  

You can use videos and podcasts to enhance your research.  Try trusted sources like TED Talks and NPR for good resources.

Check your Facts

Unsure of if something you heard or read could be true?  Use a fact checking website to clarify the information. 

Opinion Polls

Evaluating Sources

If you want an idea of what type of media you are viewing and which way it skews, check out the Media Bias Chart:

When using sources found on the internet, use the test below to figure out if you should be using it and how you can contextualize what you found.

Advanced Google Searching

You can use Google!  One of the best ways to do that is by using the Advanced Search option.  This helps you choose specific websites or domains ( to find information better suited to your needs.