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Children and Young Adult Literature: Welcome

Rowan University Libraries houses a selective collection of children and young adult literature. These collections are housed on the 2nd (second) floor of Campbell Library.



The Children and Young Adult Literature Research Guide is intended to provide researchers with access to current and historical materials.  Researchers in disciplines such as English, Reading, History, Literature, Geography and Philosophy will find relevant resources using this guide.  

Rowan University Libraries currently houses the Children and Young Adult (YA) titles in Campbell Library in rooms 230 and 231.

subject guide

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Phyllis Meredith

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Citing Sources

Finding Books

Rowan University Libraries has 2 collections of literature for or about children and young adults.  Using the SEARCH box on Campbell Library's homepage  (ProfSearch) type in what you know.  If you know the author of the book, begin with last name ex. Carroll Lewis.  If you know the title, ex. Snowy Day.  If you select Library Catalog under the Search Tools tab, you can select Advanced Search and then select Location and limit your results to Campbell Library's Children's Books.  These books will have either Easy Fic followed by the first letter of the author's last name ex.                     Amazing Amy. Tattle Tale  Elliott Rand 2014  Easy Fic E 463 ta.  Any book with the call number beginning with Easy Fic will be founded in room 230.  Any book beginning with the call number Child YA Fic will be found in room 231.