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Children and Young Adult Literature

Rowan University Libraries' Children & YA Literature resources include online and print resources. A selective print collection is located on Campbell Library's 2nd floor.


The Children and Young Adult Literature Research Guide lists current and historical materials relevant to researchers in disciplines such as English, Reading, History, and Literature, as well as to elementary education students.  

Rowan University Libraries currently houses the Children and Young Adult (YA) books in Campbell Library in rooms 230 and 231 (labeled the Current Periodicals Reading Room).

Finding Books

Rowan University Libraries has 2 collections of literature for or about children and young adults: the Picture Book collection (labeled EasyFic) is found in room 230, with the Tower elevator; the Children's and Young Adult Collection (labeled Child Fic or Child YA Fic) is found in room 231, with the Current Periodicals (magazines). 

Using the Library Search box on Campbell Library's homepage, type in a few keywords (e.g., an author name or book title).

Citing Sources