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History Senior Seminar- Prof. Turner: Primary Sources

All History Primary Source Databses

Here is a list of all History Primary Source Databases:

What is a Primary Source?

A Primary Source is a item produced from the time you are researching.  It can be a photograph, a letter, government documents, and much more.  Looking at actual sources from a specific time helps to get the firsthand account of what was happening when it was happening.

Newspaper Databases

Newspapers can be a great place to find primary sources, use one of the library's databases to search:

Other places to find primary sources

Advanced Google Searching

You can use Google!  One of the best ways to do that is by using the Advanced Search option.  This helps you choose specific websites or domains ( to find information better suited to your needs and look for primary source documentation. 

Primary Source Databases

General Primary Sources:

American History Primary Sources

World, Government, and Law Primary Sources