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Inclusive Citation

Guidance and resources for finding and citing sources with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds

Writing and Research Resources

Much academic research and writing about underrepresented groups, including Indigenous peoples, has been historically conducted without cooperation of the peoples studied or written about. These resources provide suggestions for researching and writing in respectful and ethical ways.

Style Guides & Writing Resources

Indigenous Source Citation

Recommended citation examples for indigenous sources (APA, MLA, and Chicago styles): Pleas see Indigenous Information Literacy, Chapter 6 (Elder Citation). In that text, Rachel Chong explains that

"Elder & Traditional Knowledge Keeper citation is not yet officially used in APA, MLA or Chicago. These citations [in Chapter 6] were created in consultation with other Indigenous Librarians at NorQuest College and the University of British Columbia. Work is currently being done to advocate for Elder/Traditional Knowledge Keeper citation inclusion in the official citation guides."

More on APA style:

More on MLA style: