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Surgical Illustration and Media

This guide provides tips on locating resources for projects in the course Surgical Illustration and Media

Image and Video Resources

This page lists resources that provide access to images and videos on human anatomy and surgery.

Media Databases

Surgical Procedure Videos

Surgical procedure videos are often hard to locate, and you will also want to avoid overly edited videos:


If you find videos on YouTube or Vimeo, verify sources are from healthcare and medical institutions and/or hospitals, teaching hospitals, healthcare insurance companies, universities.


Look for the terms “libraries,” “archives,” and/or a specific surgical procedure name, for example "Cardiac Bypass Surgery." You need to first research types of surgeries in a “specialty”


Some institutions that provide surgical videos include

Anatomical Atlases

Image Search

Here are two ways to find sources for an image on the Internet.  These may be used to find the owner of an image, to identify the content of image, to see how an image has been used, or find a higher resolution version.  The search will find similar images as well as other instances of the original.

Other Image Resources