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A guide to various tools and resources for studying theatre

Finding Plays

Because the Library of Congress classifies drama as literature, drama is, for the most part, scattered throughout the literature section on the Fourth Floor of Campbell Library, depending on where and in what language it was originally written, and many unbound scripts are located in the Scripts Library in the Performing Arts Collection on the Second Floor of Campbell Library.

Luckily, if you know what you are looking for, you can search by the title and the author in the search box below:

Library Search


Many of the plays in the collection are in anthologies, which may or may not have descriptions of their complete contents in our record. This is the case for many older plays, and unfortunately, some plays in many of the theatre appreciation courses. Your play may also be available in one of our online collections, which Library Search may not search. 

If you are having trouble finding a play, please contact the Ask a Librarian service for help. You can also request that the play be sent via Interlibrary Loan.

These databases contain the full text to many plays. Most of them are not searchable via Library Search.

Plays are usually given the subject heading "Drama" or some variation of it (examples below), which you can search for in the advanced search in Library Search. You can also search for the material type "Books" to filter out journal articles. Unfortunately "Drama" also describes books that are about theater, so not all search results will be plays.

  • Drama
  • American Drama
  • English Drama
  • English Drama--19th century [can be added to any nationality]
  • English Drama--20th century
  • Russian Drama
  • Spanish Drama
  • Dramatic monologues

Library Search

Plays are scattered throughout the literature section on the fourth floor of Campbell Library, and are available in the Script Library in the Performing Arts Collection, where they are organized alphabetically by author. Many are also available online in Library Search or in online collections.

Here are some guideposts if you want to browse plays (usually ordered by author or editor's last name) by the country or region of origin:

PA3000-3049 Classical literature
PA3050-4505 Greek literature
PA6000-6971 Roman literature
PA8001-8595 Medieval and modern Latin literature
PQ1211-1241 Collections of French Drama
PQ4227-4245 Collections of Italian Drama
PQ6217-6241 Collections of Spanish Drama
PR621-744 English Drama
PR1241-1273 Collections of English Drama
PS330-353 American Drama
PS623-(635) Collections of American Drama
PT605-709 German Drama
PT1251-1299 Collections of Drama

Finding Monologues

Finding the right monologue for you can be a daunting challenge. Fortunately, there are many resources through the library and on the internet that can help you find the perfect one.

You can browse our print collection of monologue books at PN2080 in the Performing Arts Collection on the second floor of Campbell Library.

You can also search our online and print collection in Library Search. Go to the advanced search, and do a subject search for "Monologues."

You can also use these online resources to find suitable monologues for any situation: