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A guide to various tools and resources for studying theatre


Welcome to the Research Guide for Theatre. This guide is intended to familiarize you with the various resources available to you through Rowan University Libraries and on the internet for research and exploration in theatre. If you need more in-depth help or guidance, feel free to use the Ask a Librarian service or schedule a research consultation.

The Performing Arts Collection can be found on the Second Floor of Campbell Library. Here, you will find the Script Library, all of the musical theater vocal scores, and many of the books on theatre and dance, including reference books (specialized theatre encyclopedias, dictionaries, catalogs, and introductory research books).

The Fourth Floor of Campbell Library contains the majority of our books on theatre history, and many published plays in anthologies. Check with a librarian or a library worker to see where your resources might be located.

This guide, the guides linked below, and many of the library databases provide access to lots of materials that you cannot find for free online.

Best Places to Start

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