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U.S. Federal Government Documents are those publications issued at U.S. Government expense or by the authority of a U.S. government body. These documents cover a wide range of subject matter as the government is involved in all aspects of our society.
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Rowan University Government Depository - 50th Anniversary Print Page



Celebrating our 50th Anniversary (1963 - 2013)


 * Rowan University’s Campbell Library is currently celebrating its 50th year as a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).  Our depository status was granted on November 11, 1963.                                                             


* The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established by Congress to ensure that the American public  has access to its Government’s information.  The Government Printing Office (GPO) administers the FDLP on behalf of the participating libraries and the public. Information products from the Federal Government are disseminated to these nationwide libraries that, in turn, ensure the American public has free access to the materials, both in print and online.


* New Jersey has 26 federal depository libraries and there are about 1,200 nationwide.


* The American Antiquarian Society in Massachusetts was the first federal library depository in the U.S. in 1814.


* Rowan University selects which documents it would like to have in the library as opposed to the regional federal depository which receives 100 percent of the documents published by the government.


* The Newark Public Library has served as the regional library for the other Federal  depository libraries in the state of New Jersey for nearly 50 years.


* The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) recognized the Newark Public Library in Newark, NJ, along with the Olin Library at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and the University at Buffalo Libraries in Buffalo, NY, as the 2012 Federal Depository Libraries of the Year.


Rowan Government News and Publications


 Celebrating 30 Years of the Space Shuttle Program. ed. by William Wallack & George Gonzalez. National Aeronautics & Space Administration. 2012. 284p. illus. ISBN 9780160902024. SuDoc# NAS 1.83:2012-01-835-HQ.

This reference tool is both a celebration of the successes of the NASA shuttle program and a requiem for the astronauts lost in the Challenger and Columbia disasters. Arranged chronologically, with an entry for each mission, it includes statistical data, mission objectives and contributions, formal portraits of crew members, candid photos from space walks, life aboard the shuttle, and more.   DOC. NAS 1.83:2012-01-835-HQ


Council of War: A History of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1942–1991. by Steven L. Reardon. National Defense Univ. for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of the Director, Joint History Office. 2012. 584p. illus. ISBN 9780160912238. SuDoc# D 5.2:H 62/5. GPO Stock# 008-020-01622-5. $70.

This scholarly history traces the development of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) from its origins during World War II through the Cold War. It documents the JCS coordination of national strategic policy and the impact on defense and domestic policies in the period as the United States emerged as a superpower.    Circ. – 4th floor.  UA 23.7 R43 2012


Coyote and the Turtle’s Dream. by Terry Lofton. U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Svcs., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Native Diabetes Wellness Program. 2011. 236p. illus. SuDoc# HE 20.7002:D 54/9. Free.

Honoring traditional storytelling techniques, this novel targets middle schoolers in Native American and Alaska Native communities, where type 2 diabetes is prevalent at higher rates than among other ethnic groups. Using characters from the original “Eagle Books” series and an original plotline, it promotes a diabetes preventative diet, behaviors, and lifestyle.   Circ. – 4th floor.  RA 448.5 I5 L6 2011


Earth as Art. by Lawrence Friedl & Karen Yuen. NASA. 2012. 166p. illus. ISBN 9780160913655.

SuDoc# NAS 1.86:NP-2012-07-889-HQ. GPO Stock# 033-000-01358-2. $44.

Taken from NASA’s Landsat 7 Earth Observation satellite, the 75 photos in this collection honor the aesthetics of color, shape, and texture created by light and its interplay with water, atmosphere, ice, and landscape.


The End of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: The Impact in Studies and Personal Essays by Service Members and Veterans. ed. by J. Ford Huffman & Tammy S. Schultz. Marine Corps Univ. 2012. 254p. illus. ISBN 9780160905469. SuDoc# D 214.2:D 71. GPO Stock# 008-000-01063-3. $13.50.

This report combines personal testimony of gay marines with formal studies and other documentation to assess the effect of DADT and of its repeal. Contributors include gay and straight officers and enlisted service members, civilians, politicians, academics, and others. Circ. – 4th floor.  UB 418 G38 E53 2012


FDR and the Land: Roosevelt Estate Historic Resource Study, Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site. by John F. Sears & John E. Auwaeter. U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Svc., Olmsted Ctr. for Landscape Preservation. 2011. 424p. illus. maps. SuDoc# I 29.58/3:R 67.

Maps and drawings illustrate this historical overview of land use on the Roosevelt estate near Hyde Park, NY, on the Hudson River. Hundreds of vintage photographs depicting lawns, forests, gardens, the Roosevelts themselves, and their groundskeepers acclaim FDR as a conservationist and forester.  Circ. – 3d floor.  F 129 H99 S43 2011


Leaving: Policies, Pressures, and Detainees Returning to the Fight. U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Armed Svcs., Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. U.S. GPO. 2012. 89p. illus. maps. ISBN 9780160903861. SuDoc# Y 4.AR 5/2:G 93. GPO Stock# 052-070-07641-1 $12.

In 2011, committee staff undertook a comprehensive, bipartisan assessment of the Guantanamo detainee release program. In the process, they consulted senior officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations and experts (including former detainees), received briefings from the Department of Defense and the State Department, and reviewed thousands of pages of documents. The report documents a high (27 percent) and increasing rate of released detainees re-engaging in acts of terrorism.


Mysteries of the Sun. National Aeronautics & Space Administration. 2012. 1 videodisc. color. 35 min. SuDoc# NAS 1.86:SU 7/5/DVD.

Filled with eye-dazzling charts, diagrams, and illustrations, this book briefly outlines our current knowledge of the sun, its effect on the earth, and the different NASA satellites that have provided the observations and research. Its prose style is appropriate for all ages, especially for adolescent and YAs.  Circ.   DVD QB 521.4 M878 2012


Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic. by Maggie Silver. U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Svcs., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. 2011. online (12p.) SuDoc# HE 20.7002:P 91/2.

The CDC here promotes emergency preparedness in graphic novel format, with the case of a young couple surviving a zombie plague because (spoiler alert) they had assembled a kit of emergency supplies, the local first responders had received training, and the CDC isolated the virus, created an adequate supply of the antidote, and had the means to ship it where it was most needed. Very cleverly done; worth checking out.


A Review of ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious and Related Matters. U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of the Inspector General, Oversight & Review Div. 2012. online (512p.). illus. maps. SuDoc# J 37.2:F 26.

Political considerations aside, this DOJ report is notable because it summarizes what is known about the drug cartels operating in the Southwest border regions and the history of U.S. law enforcement initiatives that have attempted to control gun trafficking and other criminal activities. Parts have been redacted owing to ongoing grand jury investigations.


River of Interests: Water Management in South Florida and the Everglades, 1948–2010. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville Dist. 2011. 339p. Illus. maps. ISBN 9780160901348. GPO Stock# 008-022-00350-9. $89. SuDoc# D 103.2:EV 2.

This thoroughly researched and footnoted report describes the historical conflict between environmentalists and economic interests in the Everglades, Lake Okeechobee, and the Kissimmee River region in south Florida. Dozens of maps, some dating back to the mid-19th century, and color photographs familiarize the reader with this fascinating ecosystem.   Electronic Resources DOC. D 103.2:EV 2


Stories of Hope and Recovery: A Video Guide for Suicide Attempt Survivors. Substance Abuse & Mental Health Svcs. Administration. 2012. online. video available in both streaming and downloadable formats. SuDoc# HE 20.402:SU 8. Free. [Available as DVD.]

This inspiring video focuses on the struggles of three individuals who survived suicide attempts. In interviews, they relate their personal stories in order to bring hope to people suffering from the mental and physical disorders that might result in suicide.


Transforming the Security Classification System: Report to the President. U.S. Public Interest Declassification Board. 2012. online. illus. SuDoc# PR 44.8:D 35/C 56.

The board that authored this report was created by Congress in 2000 to advise presidents and executive branch agencies on declassification practices. The board is a public advocate, whose mission is to promote the fullest possible public access to government records. The report is also noteworthy for the light it sheds on current and past administration records classification practices.


2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: Goals and Objectives for Action; A Report of the U.S. Surgeon General and of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Svcs. 2012. online (182p.). illus. map. SuDoc# HE 1.2:SU 3.

Suicide is among the top five causes of death among Americans under age 45; 7.8 percent of high school–age students report having attempted suicide in the past year. Based on new research, this revision of our national strategy updates 13 goals and 60 objectives that focus on identifying mental and physical disorders that result in suicide, recognizing at-risk groups, developing effective intervention strategies, and coordinating public/private sector program ­implementation.


United Nations World Water Development Report 4. 3 vols. World Water Assessment Programme, dist. by Bernan & Renouf. 2012. 866p. illus. maps. bibliog. ISBN 9789231042355. pap. Bernan $100, Renouf $99.

This comprehensive overview of issues affecting the world’s freshwater resources consists of four parts. Part 1—status, trends and challenges—addresses major long-term problems. Part 2—the thematic section—examines how decisions concerning water are affected by risk and uncertainty. Part 3 contains the assessments of the UN regional commissions and concise documents on topics such as water quality and the effects of decertification on water resources. Part 4 consists of case studies. Beautifully illustrated and clearly written; readers seeking in-depth knowledge of global water issues should start here.   Circ.  Oversize TD 220.2 M365 2012 (3 vols.)



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