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Digital Humanities Toolkit: Online Tools

A guide to Digital Humanities for Rowan University faculty and students.

Text Analysis

Scrubbing Texts

Once you have a digitized text, you need to make sure it can be read by text analysis tools. Texts formatted for the internet or a proprietary software, such as Microsoft Word, will have lots of hidden characters and encoding. Unless your text is in a plain text, .txt format, it will need to be scrubbed. The tools below can help get texts and data into a more machine-readable format. 

Finding Digitized Texts

Any project in the Digital Humanites will be significantly easier if the text or data you want to work with is already digitized. The sources below all offer collections of digitzed texts. If you have the option, go for a plain-text, .txt format. 



Tools for creating interactive, visual representations of data and analysis

Digital Archives and Exhibits

Data Visualization