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Digital Humanities Toolkit: Library Resources

A guide to Digital Humanities for Rowan University faculty and students.

What Can The Library Do For You?

*Suggest online tools for you to use

*Provide instuctional session for your class on how to use specific tools

Can range from basic, 20 minute session on how to use WordSeer to a full class period on using tools, examples of other DH projects, discussion of how this applies to their work and the future of scholarship

* Potential guest lecture series

If there is enough interest from faculty and students, we can bring guest speakers to the library to discuss topics such as DH in scholarly communication, current DH projects, and strategies for digital assignments.

* Bring a group to Re:Humanities

In April, the Tri-Colleges (Swarthmore, Haverford and Bryn Mawr) host an annual DH conference specifically for undergraduates. Submissions are chosen and peer reviewed by fellow undergraduates. It is a unique opportunity for undergraduates to showcase their work. 

* Collaborate on future faculty DH projects

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Michael Benson