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Computers & Society

Module 7 Description

Welcome to Computers & Society Module 7!

In this module, we will touch upon a wide variety of questions and challenges related to computer technologies. This is our final Module of the course and will bring a lot of our course concepts together and leave you with some big picture ideas and questions.

Class Readings

Please read the following for Module 7:

"What Is a Robot?" from IEE

6.12 Globalization and Technology from "Introduction to Sociology."  You can either click on the link of download the PDF.

Sections 1 and 2.1 from the article "Data Ownership: A Survey."  If you click on the link it will bring up the full article, the PDF just contains section 1 and 2.1.

Four sections of the online textbook, "Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers", 16, 17, 18, 26, and 27.

"How does misinformation spread online" from the World Economic Forum.

"Software Development Risks" from CodeIT.

"Fake News. It's Complicated." from Medium

Evaluating Online Information: Types of Misinformation by University of Iowa Libraries

DQ 13 Readings