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Computer Science

This guide will help students locate library research about computer science.

Library Research for Computer Science

Overview - Library Research for Computer Science

This guide will help you get started searching the computer science "literature" for research papers on your topic and finding other resources such as books, journals, government websites, and published theses and dissertations.

Be sure to visit the different pages of this guide using the tabs on the left.

Quick Start

Library Search connects you to books, articles, and a variety of other library sources.

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Tutorial: Understanding Journals

Computer Science Articles

Literature Searches

We recommend that you use the specialized subscription databases on the library website to search for engineering "literature" (papers) because you will see only content that the library subscribes to. 

However if you prefer to use Google Scholar, you can create a Google Scholar profile with your Rowan University credentials, which will give you access to the library's subscription content.

Then when you search in Google Scholar, you will see links to the right of some results labeled Full Text @Rowan University. Selecting one of these links will take you to the subscribed content.

What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension for the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge web browsers.

Once you install it, you can use it to download full text articles to which we subscribe, from any publisher website where you find them. (Otherwise you would need to go to the library website to access the full text if you are off campus.)

When the full text PDF is available to you, you will see a LibKey Download PDF icon in the bottom left corner of the page.

If it is not, you will see a button labeled Access Options which will direct you to our Interlibrary Loan system.

Watch the short video shown below to learn how to download the extension for the browser you use.  

Library Article Databases

The following subscription databases available through the library website contain scholarly articles in Computer Science.

Browse journals using BrowZine

Computer Science Books

Find Computer Science Books

This page explains ways to find computer science books through the library.

Computer science books you can check out or read online

Computer science books are located in the QA76 section on the 4th floor of Campbell Library. Most programming books are in QA76 but some are in the TK (computer engineering) section.

E-Book Collections

E-Reference Sources

These subscription sources are available through the library website.

Computer Science Websites

Find Web Sources

This page highlights good websites for computer science research. 

Associations, Organizations, & Societies

Interesting Websites

Computer Science Journals

Find Journals

This page offers several options for finding scientific journals containing research on computer science.

Finding a Specific Journal

To discover whether the library subscribes to a specific journal, and see content in that journal, go to the Search Tools section of the Campbell Library home page. Click on the Journal Finder option.

Enter the complete name of the journal (no abbreviations) - for example, "Environmental & Engineering Geoscience."

If the journal is listed in the results, click on Available Online. Then scroll down to View Online and choose a database link. In this example there should be a link for the database GeoScienceWorld.

If you are looking for a specific issue of the journal, there is usually a way to browse volumes and issues to drill down to the desired issue.

Or, search within the journal using the Search box in the top right corner to find articles on a topic.

Browsing journals using BrowZine

Interlibrary Loan

Journal articles to which we do not have full text access may be requested through our online Interlibrary Loan request system, Illiad. Articles are usually sent to your email address within a few days.