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Anthropology: Library Resources

A brief guide to the print and electronic anthropology collections of Campbell Library, Rowan University - with links to some other anthropology sites.


Anthropology books may be found throughout the Library of Congress's classification system which is used in Campbell Library. However, there are  two sections that are specific to anthropology: GN and CC.  These call numbers are shelved on the third floor of the library.

Rowan Databases



American Anthropologist - Covers cultural, physical, linguistic and applied anthropology. Includes information on archaeology.
American Ethnologist - Covers such areas as ecology, economy, social organization, ethnicity, politics, and ideology.
American Journal of Physical Anthropology - Covers
human evolution and variation, including primate morphology, physiology, genetics, adaptation, growth, development, and behavior past and present.
Anthropology Today - Covers the application of anthropological analysis to public and topical issues.
Arctic Anthropology
- Covers arctic and subarctic anthropology, archaeology, ethnology and ethnohistory, linguistics, human biology and related fields, with emphasis on circumpolar anthropology.
Comparative Studies in Society and History -
Compares change and stability in societies all over the world and in all eras: topics such as slavery, colonialism, revolution, religious movements and women's roles.
Current Anthropology -
Covers ethnology, folklore, etc. in social, cultural, and physical anthropology.
Ekistics:  Problems & Science of Human Settlements -
Covers news and developments of human settlements.
Ethnohistory -
Emphasizes the use of documentary materials and ethnographic or archaeological data in the study of social and cultural processes and history.
Ethnology, an international journal of cultural and social anthropology - indexed in American History and Life
Human Organization -
Covers the concepts of social and behavioral science as applied to issues and problems in the contemporary world.
International Journal of Primatology - Covers
current research in fundamental primatology.
Journal of Anthropological Research - Covers
research findings in ethnology, archaeology, biological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.
Journal of Forensic Sciences - Covers forensic toxicology, pathology, psychiatry, immunology, jurisprudence, criminalistics, odontology, physical anthropology, questioned documents and engineering.
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute - Covers all areas of anthropology: physical, social, cultural.

Visual Anthropology Review - Includes both the study of visual aspects of human behavior and the use of visual media in anthropological research, representation and teaching 
Medical Anthropology - Covers
the relationship between human behavior, social life, and health within an anthropological context.



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