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Communication Research Resources

Provides direction for research in communication theory and practice from interpersonal, group, organizational, intercultural, rhetorical, and mass communication sources.

Communication Research Resources Home

Campbell Library at Rowan University provides many resources in multiple formats to enable faculty and students to conduct research about topics in the various communication disciplines. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of communication study, there are many places to look for information. Select one of the tabs to review communication related information, either within the library or via our suggested resources. 

You may also browse the list below of journals in Communication and Mass Media, alphabetically by title -- we have over 200!  Select a journal title, and click the database name which has recent holdings of that title.

Consult a librarian

Make an appointment for a consultation with a librarian who specializes in your subject area using our Request a Consultation form or visit the Subject Librarians page for a list of librarians and their email and phone contact information.