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U.S. Federal Government Documents are those publications issued at U.S. Government expense or by the authority of a U.S. government body. These documents cover a wide range of subject matter as the government is involved in all aspects of our society.

Search for government publications

Government Documents are the publications put out by government agencies – federal, state, local, and international. They do not deal solely with law and politics, but are reports on every aspect of life whether involving current events, education, science, technology, sociology, medical, etc. They are often the best, and sometimes the only source of statistical information on a given topic.

Public access to government documents is guaranteed by law and is your right as a citizen.


1. Do a keyword search in Library Search.

    Filter the results by Resource Type of "Government Documents" 

2. Check Catalog of Government Publication (CGP)  --- OR from Library Homepage under Database Finder, choose letter C

         Keyword search - must use (AND, OR, NOT)

             Example:  vietnam and war     If URL is given - click on PURL for full-text of document


1.  Use the online search engines, databases, gateways, etc. listed.

2.  Each agency of the U.S. Government publishes its own documents through the Government Publications Office (GPO) or through links on its homepage.  Find information about each Government Agency by consulting the links under the Directories heading, specifically Government Departments and Agencies (through or the United States Government Manual.  Here you will find information about what the agency does, address, phone numbers, and web address, etc.

     Search the agency's webpage using the search box provided.

     Look for links to publications, statistics, and subagencies that deal with your subject

3.   With more and more new government documents on the Internet, an easy way to find a government document is to use Google.  Simply add a search term(s) and "site:gov" to the Google search box and click on "Search".  If you are looking for New Jersey documents add the word "New Jersey" to your search.

                 Examples: drone strikes on americans site:gov   OR    ICE atrocities site:gov


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