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Biological Sciences

A comprehensive guide to resources for research in the biological sciences.

Botany Reference Books

Try AccessScience for additional online reference materials or look for one of the books below.

Journals in Botany

Paper copies of several periodicals for botanists (American Fern JournalThe American NaturalistJournal of the Torrey Botanical Society) are available for browsing in Campbell Library's 2nd floor Current Periodicals Room.

To browse the library's subscriptions in Botany, enter "Botany Periodicals" in the Subject search of the Library Catalog.

Here are some key botany journals to get you started.

Botany books you can check out

Plant science books are available on the 4th floor of Campbell Library. Books on botany are in QK and books on cultivated plants and agriculture are in SB.

To search for plant science books in the Library Catalog, use one of these Library of Congress Subject Headings in the Subject search: Algology, Botany, Fertilization of plants, Mycology, Paleobotany, Plant anatomy, Plant ecology, Plant embryology, Plant morphology, or Trees.