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Journalism & Writing Arts: Writing Centers

This guide, a complement to the Composition I & II research guide, provides resources for journalism and writing arts students from Campbell Library.

Rowan University Writing Center

Hours and locations for tutoring in writing at Rowan University.

Dartmouth College: Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Dartmouth offers online advice and handouts for students who are enrolled in writing courses, for faculty who are teaching those courses, and for tutors who are helping students on a one-to-one basis. 

Harvard College Writing Center

Harvard offers some good advice regarding writing technique and how to prepare to write an assignment.  Check out their advice on "close reading" of a text as a way of working with reading assignments.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

OWL is a well known source of information about writing and teaching writing that serves an online community worldwide, far beyond the Purdue University campus.  It addresses a variety of questions about citation style and how to effectively compose an essay or research paper.

UBC (University of British Columbia) Writers' Workshop

UBC's Writers' Workshop Toolbox offers suggestions to student writers about several common areas related to composing an essay.  Check out their thoughts in the following areas on composing an effective written presentation.

  • FaQs About Writing
  • Effective Titles
  • Introductory Paragraphs
  • Thesis Statements
  • Development
  • Unity and Coherence
  • Conclusions
  • Argument
  • Writing a Rhetorical Analyis

University of North Carolina Writing Center: Handouts

While many writing centers offer a collection of handouts, the ones from UNC are comprehensive and easy to understand.