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Journalism & Writing Arts: Welcome

This guide, a complement to the Composition I & II research guide, provides resources for journalism and writing arts students from Campbell Library.

Welcome to the Journalism & Writing Arts Research Guide

The Campbell Library at Rowan University provides many resources in multiple media formats to enable faculty and students to conduct research about topics in many areas of interest. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of topics assigned in Journalism and Writing Arts, a variety of general purpose databases and news sources are suggested, as well as a few more specific ones related to the writing process itself.

Select one of the tabs above to gain access to information, either within the library (Books/Media or Databases) or through our suggested websites. 

State of the News Media from Pew Research

This is an interesting collection of reports from 2019 on many aspects of modern media. Includes special reports on newspapers, network TV, cable, and other digital developments.

Consult a librarian

Make an appointment for a consultation with a librarian who specializes in your subject area using our Request a Consultation form or visit the Subject Librarians page for a list of librarians and their email and phone contact information.