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Supreme Court of the United States

Resources about the U.S. Supreme Court

Helpful Links

Supreme Court Historical Society: Profiles of justices, historical sketches, documentaries, teaching materials, selected content and a PDF guide: Researching the Court.

SCOTUSblog: Not just a blog! SCOTUS blog also has or links to opinions, oral argument transcripts and audio, and statistical information.

Oyez - U.S. Supreme Court Media: The "authoritative source for all audio recorded in the Court since the installation of a recording system in October 1955," plus information about the court, its opinions, and its justices.

The Court and Chief Justices

Oyez Justices: Extensive Bio of each justice for all courts through the history of the Supreme Court.

United States Supreme Court Justices: One hundred and twelve Justices have served on the United States Supreme Court, including seventeen Chief Justices. Details of the Supreme Court Justices can be found here. Courts are referred to by the name of the Chief Justice. To date, there have been 17 Chief Justices. Biographical information about each is found on the Federal Judicial Center.