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Health & Wellness

This guide is designed to assist students with the location of research materials related to Health & Wellness topics.

Welcome to the Health & Wellness Research Guide!

According to the National Wellness Institute (NWI), "wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence" (NWI, "The Six Dimensions of Wellness"). In other words, it is “a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving [one's] full potential” (NWI, "The Six Dimensions of Wellness"). 

The application of this definition leads to a "multidimentional and holistic" view of health, encompassing not only physical health but also spiritual, intellectual and emotional well-being (NWI, "The Six Dimensions of Wellness").  

This guide is designed to help students locate, identify and access resources related to the full range of Health & Wellness topics and to provide assistance with the proper documentation of those resources in order to further the educational and research needs of the Rowan community.

We, at Campbell Library, hope that you find this guide helpful!


Some Health & Wellness Reference Resources

Citation Guides

In order to avoid plagiarism in your research and school projects, it is essential that you cite all resources in the proper format.  

The below link will take you to the Rowan Libraries' Citing Your Sources page.  

This page provides links to guides which will help you formulate proper in-text citations and bibliographies in conformance to a variety of style standards as well as a link to RefWorks, a citation management tool and bibliography generator that is free to all Rowan students:

Citing Your Sources