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A helpful guide for finding and using ebooks from Rowan University.

Ebooks at Rowan


Welcome to our Libguide about ebooks at Rowan University! Rowan has an extensive collection of ebooks in a variety of disciplines that you can access from anywhere at any time. This guide will show you the ebooks available to you and how to access them.


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Ebook Features and Permissions Chart

Ebook Features and Permissions
Can I download?
Can I print?
Loan period
Number of users
Download file type
Do I need a personal account?
Accessibility features
Software requirements
Mobile/Device Compatible?
Ebook Central Yes, 40% of the book per day, up to 10 titles

Yes, 40% of most books per session

Up to 14 days 1 user, 3 user, or unlimited, indicated on ebook  EPUB/PDF Need account to save content Accessibility mode for use with screen readers PDF viewer, Adobe Digital Editions (to download), Bluefire Reader (mobile) Yes, EPUB not compatible with Kindle
Ebscohost Yes, with personal account 60 pages (or fewer depending on publisher) 7 days Mostly 1-user PDF/EPUB Need account to download and borrow Screen reader compatible PDF viewer, Adobe Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader (mobile/Kindle), or EBSCO ebook app Yes, EPUB not compatible with Kindle
JSTOR Yes, unlimited Yes, unlimited Unlimited Unlimited PDF No Screen reader compatible PDF viewer Yes
Springer Yes, unlimited Yes, unlimited Unlimited Unlimited PDF/EPUB No Screen reader compatible PDF viewer, Adobe Digital Editions Optional Yes, EPUB not compatible with Kindle
ClinicalKey Yes, can download book chapters Yes, one chapter at a time Unlimited Unlimited PDF No Screen reader compatible PDF viewer Yes
Gale Virtual Reference Library Yes, can download chapters or sections, not whole book Yes, number of pages varies by publisher Unlimited Unlimited PDF, HTML, Google Drive, One Drive No Can listen to titles, download an MP3, and translate PDF viewer or Gale Access My Library app Yes
Credo Reference Yes, can download individual entries, not whole book Yes, 60 pages per session Unlimited Unlimited PDF No  Can translate and listen using ReadSpeaker PDF viewer



Ebook Software

To read and dowload ebooks, you may need the following software:

Using Library Ebooks with Accessibility Software

Any e-book that is listed in the Rowan Library Catalog, or under the e-books tab of the library web page, can be viewed with common features of accessibility software.

The easiest way to read a library e-book on a screen reader is to download the e-book, even if the screen only lets you check out the online version of the book for a week, or asks for your Rowan login credentials before proceeding. Most e-books will download into PDF and can be read via Adobe Digital Editions software.

Follow this link for directions on how to download Ebook Central e-books to Adobe Digital Editions for offline reading on a laptop or desktop computer. Similarly, follow this link for information on how to download e-books on iOS or Android for offline reading on a mobile device. These directions all work in a similar way for downloading many types of e-books including those from ProQuest, Ebrary, Palgrave, Wiley, and other publishers.

You may also use any of the online e-book interfaces to skim through book chapter headings first, without ever downloading them. In fact, some publishers do not allow direct downloading of e-books at all, even temporarily. Here are some more directions for navigating specific e-book interfaces:

Follow this link for information on how to navigate the "Ebrary Accessibility Mode" which describes using the Ebrary online e-book interface using accessibility software. ProQuest EBL and Ebrary are merging -- more accessibility information for their combined "Ebook Central" here as it develops.

Follow this link for information on how to navigate the Palgrave Accessibility Statement page which describes using the Palgrave online e-book interface using accessibility software.

Follow this link for information on how to navigate the Accessibility: Keyboard Navigation page which describes using the Credo Reference online e-book interface using accessibility software.

You can also read e-books on your mobile phone using BlueFire Reader, which is also screen-reader friendly. Follow this link for more information on how to download a book for offline reading on a mobile device using a BlueFire reader.

And remember, Campbell Library e-books can appear from any vendor, so bookmark this page so you can return to these updated directions at any time.